About Burger Fuel New Zealand

Burger Fuel is a New Zealand owned chain of gourmet burger restaurants with over 40 locations around the world,including 30 locations in New Zealand. BurgerFuel sells Spud (Potato) fries, burgers (beef, chicken, vegan and vegetarian), soft drinks, maltshakes and its own branded ice cream (Frostbite).
BurgerFuel burgers are famous for their special aioli sauce, freshness, taste and for the patented Doofer, a folding cardboard burger-holder. BurgerFuel as a gourmet burger chain focuses on many niche areas: Items such as premium new zealand beef, vegetarian food, gluten-free as well as some organic food products.

SADF + Burger Fuel = Happy Customers

Partnering with Burger Fuel, we have opened 5 outlets in Saudi Arabia and are rapidly increasing our presence all over the country.
Bringing the best of our abilities to the table, both SADF and Burger Fuel strive hard to ensure that customers visiting any of our Burger Fuel outlet have the finest experience each and every time.

Please visit our Outlet Locator for more information on Burger Fuel locations in the Kingdom.